Saturday, 5 January 2013

It's been a very crafty Christmas!

Written on 27th Dec 2012 but an error occured and it didn't go online:

I'm sitting in my living room with my slanket on (brought by hubby's grandparents) with Spike chilling on my lap.

It's been a very crafty Christmas for me, well craft related presents. My sister got me the Cath Kidston knitting book and I'm currently knitting the scarf from the kit, my husband got me a Crafters Companions Ultimate Pro, parents got me so much including cake pop maker, spectrum noir pens and craft storage drawers. My in laws brought me the Martha Stewart Sewing and fabric craft encyclopaedia which is an amazing book.

Today I've been sorting out the study and filled my new craft storage drawers. Unfortunately the bins are full in our flats and we aren't expecting them to be emptied until Monday at the earliest and we have bags full of recyclable boxes (my old craft storage....numerous boxes) so study isn't really accessible at the moment grrr.

Back to work tomorrow but hubby still off work until next week (lucky man!).

Hope you've all had a lovely Christmas.

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