Thursday, 10 January 2013

My New Dodo-Pad Diaries

I've brought diaries on and off for the last few years as although I have a calendar on my phone, I don't really check it but I have a diary or A4 printed calendar by my sink displayed in a cookbook holder so I can see what's happening over the next week while doing the washing up or making a cup of tea.

Over the last few years I've brought Organised Mum Life Books which I love, but this year my Dad showed me a Dodo Diary while out shopping in John Lewis. I loved it's quirkiness and that I could doodle on it. I brought it just after Christmas and also brought the pocket version for my handbag.

Both diaries are exactly the same just different sizes (so the smaller one has some text that is really small). I love the fact that the diary is done in grids so you can have a column per person or activity. I've organised my columns like this:
Events for both of us
Sara's events
Lee's events
Reminders (ie remember to send a birthday card for next week)

Rather than write in all the column names I got my Trodat DIY stamp out and was able to label up the columns on each week easily.

I love the pocket diary as it is a nice squarish shape and small size. I always like a ring bound book as I'm left handed I can never usually write right up to the left hand side of the right hand page.

This diary is particually handy for me as each week there is a page for doodling and it's great for crafting ideas rather than writing them on post-it notes then loosing them.

I brought mine in the sale at the Calendar Club and managed to get both books for less than the original price of 1 of them!

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