Saturday, 5 January 2013

Mug hugs!!!

Written on 31st Dec 2012 but an error occured and it didn't go online:

Today I'm mostly staying in the study/craft room as hubby has a new game which may feature my biggest phobia of all...SHARKS! I have such an irrational fear I freak out if I see a picture of one!

So far today I've got excited that I haven't got any duplicate Spectrum Noir pens (won some icy greys then asked for the dark and light sets of colours for Christmas), I then played with some felt, used vellum with my Ultimate Pro and now am chilling with some knitting.

I have two projects on the go, a Cath Kidston scarf and this afternoon I started a mug hug. I got a mug hug book for Christmas and while in Hobbycraft near my work (Chelmsford) I picked up a ball of tweed effect wool for just under £2 so I'm using that to make my mug hug and thb I'm going to use a coconut shell fish button from an old Crafty Creatives box. The mug hug seems to be a bit too tall but its a first attempt and I am using different wool to what the book says (mines chunky knit).

At Hobbycraft I also picked up some fluffy scarf wool and I'm just waiting for my 20mm needles to turn up from eBay although I will finish my Cath Kidston scarf first! I've got to a part in the scarf were I need to make stitches after I made a slot for the scarf to twist into (hard to explain but will post a picture when finished).

I better get back to my knitting....only 9 more cm of knitting to do till I have to start decreasing my stitches (my fav bit!)

Happy New Year all!

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