Friday, 13 September 2013

Makery - My New Favourite Craft Book!

A few weeks ago my husband and I went on holiday to Somerset and visited Bath (my favourite place). While walking around Bath (well.....while walking back to the car park at Waitrose from the Roman Baths) we went down Northumberland Place, and stopped for a little rest (walking around Bath with Muscular Dystrophy gets tiring). While having a little rest I suddenly got a boost of energy after seeing a craft shop in the distance....The Makery Emporium! 

The shop has a table in the middle with bowls full of buttons which draws you in. The shop stocks crafing 'ingredients' and has lots of lovely fabrics, ribbon, washi tapes and lots of other bits to make fabricy crafty projects. The shop is small but perfect as you can see everything easily. I brought some little metal heart tags to add to jewellery and craft projects. I wish they had a shop nearer to me as they do small quantities of things so if you want one button to cover with fabric you can buy just that, or just one button.

We went back to the holiday cottage and I searched online for craft shops in Bath to find out the name of the shop to tell my Mum and found that they also have a workshop where they do craft workshops on things such as lampshade making, cushion making and many other crafts. My Mum and I are definitely thinking of planning a trip to Bath at some point and doing one of these workshops (any excuse to go to Bath). 

When I got back home I found that The Makery had a book coming out and was really interested as I love making things especially on my sewing machine. I then found that my Mum and Dad were going to Bath the same week the book was being released and my Mum kindly phoned up and ordered me a copy to pick up when she was in Bath. I'm so glad I preordered mine as The Makery were on Dragons Den the week of the book launch which lead to a huge rush on the book. When pre-ordering the book from The Makery were offering a free gift of ribbon, however when my Mum picked up my book it didn't come with any but she was offered a fat quarter of fabric and chose a lovely blue fabric with strawberries on (very Cath Kidston-esq). I actually prefer this to ribbon but no idea what to use it for as it's so nice and don't want to jump into any projects and use it all up.

I got the book earlier this week and it is amazing. It covers a wide range of crafts and has lots of lovely projects from glasses cases and jewellery to floor rugs and slippers. The crafts in this book range from knitting, machine sewing, crochet, paper craft and even a shrink plastic project.

The best thing about this book is that it comes with full size patterns in the back of the book - no need to photocopy and enlarge or download and print out on reems of paper (like some other craft/sewing books), all you need is some tracing paper or similar (I used some parchment paper I had hanging around for one of the projects).

The instructions are easy to follow and the book suggests alterations you can make and more ideas, such as on the fabric keyrings the designs used are initials with an alphabet included on the pattern sheet however they suggest looking for other alphabets or designs and suggest a larger seam allowance when using other designs which is really helpful.

I made a 'L' keyring for my sister with some off cuts of fabric I had in my fabric stash. I did also try and make a 'S' for myself but my attempt was rubbish as I sewed it incorrectly but will be trying again and taking my time and ensuring I sew it correctly (it was my fault, not the books). I changed the design of the 'L' slightly as the image in the book was of a lower case L which I thought looked more like an 'I' so I added the bottom line in. It was a really quick and easy pattern to follow for the L and I'm going to try and make a hedgehog shapped keyring next with some brown tweed type material I have.

This book is great for someone either new to crafting or who wants to widen their crafting skills as it doesn't repeat skills so if you can't crochet or knit (or don't want to, as it has tutorials in the back for crochet and knitting) you are not going to find there are lots of things you can't make. It's much better than wanting to try a craft, buying a book solely on that skill then finding you can't pick it up and then the book ends up gathering dust on the bookshelf.

I'm looking forward to making the bag and coasters in the next and really want to make the double knitted rug. 

Amazon lets you see some example pages from the book so go and check it out at

I really wish they had a store nearer to me (although you can buy online) so I could go to all the Workshops. If I had a craft shop it would be just like this!

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