Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Makery Wrist Warmers

After making the key rings from the Makery book, I decided to try the wrist warmers. My husband was out Saturday night so I used some spare wool to check I could make the wrist warmers (as I only started knitting less than a year ago and didn't want to buy new wool and mess up the thumb holes).

I made this pair in one evening (ok I did stay up waiting for my hubby until 12.30am) 
After realising how easy they were to knit I brought some lovely denim wool from Sirdar in 'vintage'. It was just under £6 which I didn't think was bad for one pair of wrist warmers. While in Hobbycraft I did pick up some DoCraft Tilly Daydream and Country Christmas bits which were in the sale bucket (the patterned rolls in the background are adhesive fabric rolls)

Anyway, back to the wrist warmers...I started them on Sunday afternoon and finished the left hand, then did the right hand last night. I was worried Sunday night that one ball of wool wouldn't be enough but I shouldn't have worried as I still had a new metres left after completing both. While doing my right wrist warmer on Monday night I was sat with my hedgehog asleep on my lap and all cosy. I do like knitting when it's cold outside, it's very cosy.

Tonight I did the part I was dreading...sewing the wrist warmers up! I've only sewn up a few knitting projects and I'm not the best but I was very pleased with how I did on these wrist warmers. I then wanted to add some decoration and add a button to each wrist warmer but took a while deciding which buttons to go for. I was deciding between wooden buttons, fabric covered buttons (the ones from earlier in this blog post) or shell buttons which were free with a craft magazine. I went with the shell buttons as they have an iridescence to them and have a good contrast against the dark blue wool.

They are so nice and warm and will definitely be an essential for me I this chilly weather. I really wanted them for this weekend for the dog show so I can sell my dog bandanas while keeping warm and still being able to sort money etc so wrist warmers are more practice than gloves and also much easier with my walking stick as I can still grip it. 

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