Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Back From Sunny Florida!

Just getting back to normal after two weeks in Orlando. My craft room is starting to get back to normal but I'm still sharing the desk with goodies I brought back including Birthday Oreos, M&Ms and Disney bits.

I couldn't wait to go to a craft store in America and strangely enough I found Wallmart had better bits than my trip to Michaels! Still I stocked up on $1.99 washi tape (soooo cheap and it's amazing quality), distress inks, stickers and Disney duck tape (all from various places). I can't believe how much cheaper craft bits are though in America I really had to control myself.

While I was away I've been doing a SmashBook while I've been away and ended up spending more time crafting than reading!

I've still you a lot of it to do and I'm waiting on my photos to be delivered so I can stick them all in and add all the various bits and pieces I picked up (napkins, business cards and even my card to say our suitcase was inspected!) My husband was always picking bits up for my scrapbook, nothing got binned without asking me first - even our Aquatica blue parking slip for disabled parking!

Right now I'm sitting in the car waiting for my husband in his guitar lesson watching an amazing thunderstorm - feeling like I'm back in Florida!

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