Saturday, 18 October 2014

Cricut Image Library Subscription

I got my Cricut Mini last Christmas after wanting one since I started crafting and I have a few cartridges (mostly Disney) but I'm always wanting more. Luckily Cricut now have a subscription service is thousands of cutting files!!! It's currently (at the time of writing) only available in the UK on a yearly subscription of £74.99 but the monthly subscription is coming to the UK soon but it does work out cheaper if you pay yearly. 

A list of the cartridges is available here on the Cricut site, however it just gives the name of the cartridges and I do like to see an image to know exactly what is available and what it should actually look like at the end so I searched online but there was no visual library so I decided to put together a Pinterest board for myself so I can see what I've got to play with. It can be viewed here  and should have virtually all, if not all of the Cricut cartridges. It took me 3 evenings and one afternoon to pull them all together (while trying to stop the kittens climbing on my laptop and hitting the power button!)

I think this subscription is a brilliant idea and has so many cartridges I'd not looked at before. I have a few of the cartridges in the subscription (Paper lace, Simply Charmed, Wall Decor) but there are lots I was going to get including Chalkboard and Cindy Loo.

I've also decided that after a year with my Cricut Mini I'm going to save up and buy the Cricut Explore as it will be much easier to be wireless and cut more intricate designs. Strangely it was after watching Create and Craft showing the Brother Scan and Cut that made me want the Cricut Explore. I've wanted the Brother Scan and Cut but due to the price I would never buy one, but decided to look up the Cricut Explore and it does everything I want (I don't personally really want to scan in something and cut it out), especially being able to use other cutting files, cut wirelessly AND I can still use my Disney cartridges (and all the other ones I have). The only downside is that while you can cut via the app on an iPad, it's not been confirmed if it will ever come to android, the responses on Facebook have just been that it's only currently available on the Apple App Store. I have an iPhone but I have a Samsung tablet as I only wanted it for using the internet but would love it if they added the app to Android and this would be another selling point for me.

Now I'm off to browse all the images and choose some for my Christmas cards!

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