Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Love a bit of craft storage!

Recently I've been trying to sort out my craft storage. I've got so much stuff it getting a hidden and unused then I find things I didn't even know I had!

It started with a new shelf for my sewing books and patterns, then little drawers for small bits (from Homebase), a ribbon shelf (handmade from a seller on eBay) and now a paper organiser. These are in addition to my craft drawers, adhesive storage unit (made from an old wine box, husbands idea) and shelving unit. 
And yes that is a guitar in my craft room....hubby has over 5 guitars dotted around.

My most recent purchase was the Totally Tiffany Paper Manager and Storage Tote. I'd seen it on Create and Craft TV and it's £19.99 for a sturdy holder, 3 plastic sleeves for 12 x 12 papers and 3 plastic sleeves for 12 x 12 papers plus pockets on the other side for embellishments. Currently my 12 x 12 papers are leaning on my shelf and aren't organised at all, I have to get them all out to find the one I'm looking for. 

The storage came this morning but had no instructions at all which usually wouldn't be a problem but trying to put the bottom of the storage together seemed impossible, but luckily a quick search on YouTube and I found a video by Totally Tiffany on assembly! 

My papers only just fit as I have quite a collection and will be organising them this weekend. I love the handles on the storage as it makes it easier to lift especially when it's full! 

Once I've sorted it I'll post a picture. It was definitely worth £19.99 in my opinion as it is very sturdy and needs to be as it is really heavy once full. 

I think craft storage is definitely my new obsession!

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