Sunday, 26 August 2012

More adhesives but think I'be finally found the best for crafting

Watching Create and Craft TV I've noticed lots of the demonstrators using a glue in a bottle with red applicator for matting as layering so thought I'd try and track it down. It's called Collall and comes in the multipurpose one with the red lid, a PVA with a green lid, silicone adhesive and photo glue.

I went onto Crafters Companion site and brought the all purpose one for £2.99 (they had 4 for £10 but wanted to try it out first). I also got 3 PVA glues (as I use PVA a lot!) and also brought a new double sided adhesive runner as mine is nearly out and keeps catching. Crafters Companion have great postage prices (this was the main reason I didn't order it from Create ad Craft).

My order came the next day and I must say all adhesives are amazing! The adhesive tape runner is great as its so smooth to apply and doesn't clunk.

The glues are great as they have spreaders on the applicators. The only thing I found was when gluing patterned paper the all purpose glue got the paper a bit wet and showed the glue lines but this went when dry.

I defiantly know what glues I'm going to be using from now on (with pinflair for my silicone glue)

Photos of some of my bank holiday makes also shown below (using the above adhesives)


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