Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Goodbye Christmas Card Making...Hello Knitting!

I've never knitted ever before but after seeing an article in the Daily Mail my Mum brought a Christmas knitting book and has taught me how to knit!

I cannot start a row but I can knit and purl now....with a few errors, but I'm working on it. I'm currently making a Christmas cracker character which is straight stitching with mostly all the same wool and have already confused what row I've done last and kept knitting not doing any purl rows...whoops. 

I've not got to the stage yet where I can knit without I can't talk and knit...or even listen and knit! They make it look so easy on Create and Craft! I'm sure it will get easier when I get the hang of it. I'm using circular needles which seem much easier for me and they aren't as heavy and long.

It is nice to do a different type of crafting and learn something new. I did buy the sugar button fairy Kanban kit today on Create and Craft as it looks great for kids cards (and those who like pink and sparkly things!). I finally packed up all my Christmas card things and put them in the bottom boxes in my study getting my non-christmas bits higher on the pile. My study looks so much tidier! Really hope I get the drawers for Christmas to organise the study better. At the moment it's just random boxes around the room and I have to lift boxes to get to those underneath.

Well I'm going to get back to knitting with my hedgehog friend on my lap snoozing and my snack of choice....fizzy cola bottles!

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