Saturday, 15 December 2012

Hedgehog Christmas Hat

I only took up knitting two weeks ago and today finished two snowballs and started off on a Christmas hat.

I'm loving 'We Knit You A Merry Christmas' with its beautiful knitting patterns and easy to follow guides.

The hat I made was actually amended from the pattern in the book as the original pattern was too small. I'm so happy it turned out and it only took two hours while watching the Girls Aloud programme on ITV.

The hat is for Spike our Pygmy hedgehog. I'll try it on him tomorrow night if he is in a good mood (he had a bath tonight so is in a grumpy mood). It will then go on top of our Christmas tree (as ours isn't strong enough for a angel or star grr).

I may make another hat for Festive Mark (my old Mark Owen I found a few years ago in a box of of Christmas decorations, he was naked apart from some tinsel....I must have done that to him but can't remember ever doing it!) Mark resides in the study most of the year watching over me crafting and gets brought out at Chrismas!

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