Sunday, 16 December 2012

New Auction Style Site for Crafters - Craftbidder

While reading through my copy of Papercraft Inspirations I came across an article on Craftybidder, an auction website for crafters to sell and purchase craft items. It was put together buy a couple comprising of a wife who loves crafting and a husband who loves computers so brings their two loves together.

Their Facebook page describes the site as:
Craftybidder was setup to give UK crafters and opportunity to buy stock, find new projects, and to sell their finished wares. Craftybidder is free to join and free to list items . We only charge a small fee when your item has sold or if you upgrade your listing.

I've signed up and can't wait to use it after Christmas as I'm going to have a good tidy up of my craft bits and I'm always on the look out to buy more craft bits.

You can also set up a store on Craftbidder to sell your finished items. It's a bit like eBay and Etsy all mixed together! I also like the fact you can post items you are looking for.

Another aspect I like is the forum and the spotlight on crafters section. It's got everything in one place.

You can sign up and visit the site by going to:

I'm definately going to get organised and get on there as soon as Christmas is over.

You can also follow Craftbidder on Facebook by searching for

Has anyone tried this site already? What did you think?

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