Thursday, 13 December 2012

My First Craft Card Makes

I recently found this photo of some of the first cards I made after taking up card making. These were made in the days between my birthday on 9th April, and my wedding on 12th April this year. My husbands (then fiance's) family brought me a few card making kits which were lovely as it took my mind off of worrying about wedding plans! (and shut me up about talking about the wedding and annoying Lee)

A lot has changed since then, not just my last name! I moved my crafting from the kitchen table (pictured above) into the study after I started taking over the living room...boxes full of Crafty bits under the chair in the living room, Big Shot at the side of the sofa and cutting mat up against the other side of the sofa! My sewing machine and box still lives in the living room but that's hidden away.

Once I've tidied the study up after Christmas, and hopefully get more storage, I will post some photos of the study/craft room.

I'm also hoping to get the Ultimate Pro from Crafters Companion so I can craft away from the study if I want to (and let Lee play his guitars in the study)

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