Wednesday, 15 August 2012

My First Crafty Creatives Box Has Arrived! #CCbox2

My First Crafty Creatives Box arrived this morning. It wasn't waiting at the post office as first thought but my postman dropped it off just before 10.30 this morning. 

When I opened the box I first through it may have been a gingham theme due to the paper but on pealing back the paper found a nautical theme waiting for me.
The contents of the box is shown in the below photo (my car keys didn't come in the box obviously but due to today being my day off and being half way through cleaning the kitchen I didn't have much room to show off the contents of the box).
The contents of this box included:
  • CC Kit - You get a kit each month with an item you can make from start to finish. This month the kit makes a nautical bracelet. I will post mine once made but at the moment the rope is drying out in my study after sealing with with PVA glue (so it doesn't fray).
  • Driftwood - Something added to the box as a bit of a challenge, suggestions included making a brooch, boat, paint it or carve it. I got a few small pieces but other people may have got a larger pice. I'm thinking maybe adding it to a card...
  • 2 Coconut shell fish buttons - these are really pretty and have so many ideas for these
  • Boat wheel pendant
  • Large wooden bunting flags - thinking of covering them in pink gingham fabric and using my Sizzix machine to punch out some cupcakes to glue on
  • 3 porceline fish beads - these are so pretty, I'm not sure what to do with them but I don't want to hide them away!
  • Coloured paper string
  • Hessian material - could possibly add this onto the bunting. I've only ever known hessian bags but will find something to make with this. It's a lovely texture. 
  • Selection of red, white and blue buttons - I love buttons!!! Can't get enough of them and sticking them on cards.
  • String of glass pearls - I got an aqua colour and currently have these wrapped 5 times round my wrist (I was just playing around with them). Love the colour of these and thinking of making bracelets with these.
  • 3 Sheets of nautical paper - great for card making and using as a background.
  • 5 starfish pendants - possible thinking on adding these onto my nautical bracelet some how.
  • Flag ribbon and blank tags - love this as you can never have too much ribbon
Envelope holding the 5 little starfish pendants

Boat Wheel Pendant

Fish buttons
Fish beads
My thoughts on my first ever Crafty Creatives box? I LOVE IT! It's great if you stick to the same old crafting themes and fancy trying new things. I love all the stuff in the box but wouldn't have brought any of it as I'd have no idea how to use it but this box makes you want to try things out. It's a bit like Ready Steady Cook! You are presented with a box of goodies and have to put together something magical out of them and the only limitation is your imagination!

I love the idea of this box and the amount of thought that goes into it. Can't wait for future hurry up PVA glue and dry so I can make my bracelet

UPDATE: I forgot to mention the lovely card that came with the box which has a picture of a lighthouse on the front and the list of items on the back (so many goodies!)

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