Friday, 24 August 2012

Oh dear! Goodbye injured stamp :(

I was looking through my stamps earlier to make some room and found that two stamps had merged! Luckily they were two free gift stamps but I did like the Easter egg stamp. The stamp which melted into the egg stamp was part of a stamp set from a magazine and I really liked the stamp designs (mice and sewing things) but when I got them home found they were really floppy and jelly like. When I used them they were uneven and as they were so soft if you put pressure on them they squished the image and they were impossible to clean. I kept them on their protective sheet in my stamp box but they didn't cling and were forever falling out, hense why I found it merged into the egg stamp.

At least I made more room in my stamp box for the Christmas bauble stamps I ordered! Plus I did read the instructions on my See-Ds stamps and found out the yellow sponge thing in one of the sets wasn't packaging but....a stamping mat and now the stamps come out so much better!
The damaged Easter egg stamp (on the stamping mat I found!)

A stamp from the jelly like free stamp collection that attached the Easter egg stamp (they were clear but the ink couldn't even come off them)

The jelly like stamp from the side (See how mis-shaped it is.... thats how they were as soon as you took them off the sheet!)

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