Wednesday, 15 August 2012

First make with my Crafty Creatives Box Using The Wooden Bunting #CCbox2

While making my nautical bracelet I had an idea for the wooden bunting triangles. I have some scraps of Cath Kidston material and some gingham scraps so I decided to cover my triangles in material and once dry will use my Marianne Design cupcake dies or flower dies to put material or paper designs on the front.

To begin with I took one triangle and put a layer of Copydex on one side of the triangle
Next I put the material over the glued triangle and smoothed the material out. It may be worth ironing creased material first to ensure a smooth finish. Be prepared to get sticky fingers as the glue will come through a little.
 I then turned the triangle over and glued round the edges
To ensure smooth corners I tucked each corner in and then applied more glue. As you can see this was a scrap bit of material but you could cut your material so it has straight lines.
Next I folded in the sides and smoothed down (again its very messy so be warned and have a cloth on standby to clean off any glue on your fingers so you don't get it everywhere)
And ta-da, 1 completed material covered triangle

I did two more triangles in different material (the flower material is Cath Kidston) and left to dry. 

At the weekend I'll get the Sizzix out and put a design on them. As you can see the triangles had holes drilled in so they could be hung and once the glue has dried I will put the material though to make the holes again.

Very pleased with these as I had a moment of inspiration! Not sure where they will go but they look very pretty

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  1. Hmmm, maybe you could put them outside and use them as flags?


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