Saturday, 18 August 2012

Two more craft magazines!

I went to Tescos today to get my eyes tested and quickly grabbed Lets Make Cards and Crafts Beautiful before my appointment, then sent my Husband off with a list of bits we needed (he came back with the items plus a bag of chocolate buttons! He is worse than me!). 

I can't belive that on one of the hottest days so far this year I sat in the study (with the windows open and music blaring) and sat reading crafting magazines about Christmas...and then made a few Christmas cards!

I love these two magazines, as well as Cardmaking and Papercraft (which I subscribe to) and couldn't wait to get my hands on the Christmas goodies.

Lets Make Cards came with its usual huge stash of card making goodies including card blanks, chipboard and thinner die cut shapes, background papers and embellishments, all Christmas themed.

Crafts Beautiful came with a foil embossing kit with a Christmas theme and some Christmas tags.

Below are a few photos of the goodies. I will post some of the things I've made soon (only just came out of the study after being in there since about 6!)
Foil embossing kit with Crafts Beautiful which also came with some tags

Cards, ribbons, papers, die cuts, embellishments and gingerbread man stamp from Lets Make Cards

Close up of some of the embellishments from Lets Make Cards
The cute gingerbread man stamp from Lets Make Cards

Little metal stocking embellishments
My favourite paper from the kit 

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