Sunday, 13 November 2011

OPI Nail Polish Start to Finish Base & Top Coat

I use to use OPI Fast Dry Top Coat but after a few months the top coat gets a bit sticky and gooey and I found this product while looking to purchase a new Fast Dry Top Coat.

I have a huge make up bag/box full of OPI and Nail Inc polishes and anything to help cut down on the number of product I have makes me (and my fiance) very happy! (ie less products left laying around the living room while I do my nails)

I usually use my OPI Nail Envy as a base coat but this product also has a strengthener in which is nice. My nail varnishes never last long on my nails as they chip within 24 hours usually (I am very hands on person so my nails always get bashed etc) but this top coat is great as it does give me a longer wear and doesn't take massively long to dry either.

This is usually the product I use if I want to sit down with my fiance to do my nails but don't want to turn the coffee table into a nail salon. This plus a nail colour is all I need.

It's also great as it works out much cheaper that buying a treatment, top coat and base coat and I would really recommend this to someone who wants to try OPI but doesn't have a huge OPI collection or for someone who wants to take OPI polished on holiday but doesn't want to fill their makeup bag with too many products.

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