Sunday, 13 November 2011

OPI - Original Nail Envy Review

I've used this product on and off for a number of years and it's the best nail care product I've ever used and I'm a HUGE OPI fan!

I usually use this product when my nails are a bit weak and flaky although I always use it as a basecoat whenever wearing OPI polishes.

The way to use this product is to put 2 coats onto bare nails, then apply a colour polish if you wish, then either use a top coat or you can use nail envy as a top coat (which I recently have started doing and find it's very hard wearing.) Every 2 days you should then put a coat of nail envy over your nails again (over polish or just on top of the nail envy you already have on if you have bare nails)

I've only ever used the Original Nail Envy but I am looking to try the Matt version.

I did see a pink maintenance version of Nail Envy a while ago which I fancied but it seems to be out of stock everywhere so I think they may have stopped doing it but I'm going to carry on my search so that I can wear Nail Envy with a hint of colour as I prefer to wear a coloured polish on my nails.

Some people think that Nail Envy is expensive (its usually around £18) but keep and eye out on QVC as they usually do deals on Nail Envy sets for much cheaper. Word of warning though, I've heard that there are OPI fake products out there, ie products made to look like OPI but they're just imitations so I would try where possible to buy from official stockists.

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