Sunday, 13 November 2011

OPI Shatter Polish - Black

I brought this when it first came out along with the Katy Perry polishes. (photo above with alternate nails painted with OPI Last Friday Night and OPI Teenage Dream with the Shatter polish on top, sorry for bad photo, this is an old one from when I first used the polishes)

It is a great effect and works when painted onto dried nail varnish (it won't crack on bare nails).

I like to put a glitter polish as my main colour such as Teenage Dream by Katy Perry as the glitter then shines through the gaps in the black shatter. You then put the shatter onto the dry polish (it has to be dry or it won't shatter properly.) You have to apply this quite quickly as it starts to dry straight away. The thicker you put it on the bigger the gaps made in the polish, ie you get less islands of black but they are bigger and more like animal print, if you put it on thin it goes more stripy and smaller streaks, more like the effect shown on the bottle. The shatter then gets to work and once dry will be matt. I then finish my nails with an OPI topcoat to keep it shiney and also to reduce chipping.

I think of all the colours the black is my favourite and this effect works well on both short and long nails.

The only thing with this polish is that it does go a bit lumpy as obviously its fast drying so make sure you put the lid back on straight away. You may also find it beneficial to wipe the brush off on some kitchen paper to get the lumps of shatter polish off.

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